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Product Review: Slendertone Arm toner


In this weeks blog, I am introducing something new. Once a month (or sooner if I can get my hands on some cool toys), I will be reviewing a product. This product can be anything from sneakers to show shoes. As long as its fitness related, and somewhat useful, I’ll try it out and give my take on it.
So, why would you wanna read my take on it? I have no idea. I’m no expert in product development, nor have I worked with any of the featured products for any extended time. Heck, after giving my review, you can do whatever you want. I’m giving my opinion, and you can take it for just that. An opinion.
Please note that the products I will be reviewing have not reached out to me, or offered me any type of compensation. I’m doing this out of pure interest of this blog and those who read it. So without further adieu, lets get to the featured product.
About a month ago, a buddy of mine came over with this gadget he had picked up on Amazon. He said it was great for training arms without using weights. He had made a few people try it out and they all swore by it. I quickly told him to bring it by. I needed to try this for myself.

The product?

The Slendertone Arm Toner. For those of you that haven’t seen or heard about the Slendertone Arm Toner, it consists of 2 arm bands that go on each arm and using its clinically-proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, it emits signals directly from the arm bands to your arm muscles, causing them to contract, work and relax in a similar way. It has 3 phases including a warm-up and cool down phase and has over 99 intensity levels.
Now, I have seen similar gadgets featured in magazines or infomercials, and to be honest, I never gave much way to ever wanting to try them out. To me it seemed like I was cheating if I did. All the people that had bought these gimmicky fitness toys were too lazy to get their butts to the gym. I always read in magazines or learned from older dudes at the gym, that the only way to true gains was through countless hours of hard work and sweat. So naturally, I was skeptical to try this on.

Great arm pump!

Having never tried anything like this, I didn’t have a reference point, but needless to say, this thing is pretty cool.
First of all, its got 99 intensity levels. At around level 65, my arms felt like they were doing a set of 21’s with about an 100lb barbell!
Im not the strongest guy in the world so intensity level 65 isn’t anything to write home about, but the thing did kick my ass!
At one point, after about 3-4 minutes in (recommended time is about 20 min), I cranked up the intensity level to about 70 and my arms were involuntarily jolting up due to the power of the electrical stimulus.
I toughed it out for 20 minutes and after removing the bands, felt like my arms were pretty ruined. My veins were popping, my arms were swollen and my arms actually felt sore.
Now, if you’ve ever done any type of weight training, or even bodyweight training, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it doesn’t take much to get a good arm pump. If you drop and do about 30-50 push ups, its enough to get your triceps swollen for a few minutes. So I have to admit, I wasn’t overly impressed with the immediate results. For me, the big test would be the next day, or the day after that. The days that really dictate if your workout was just smoke and mirrors or the real deal.

The Real Test…

I woke up the next day, and was eager to see what my arms would feel like. This is when I got a little disappointed. My buddy texted me asking how my arms felt and to be honest, I was expecting a little more.
Now, lets get a few things straight. I only used it once and maybe could’ve put the intensity a little higher, so I’m not going to dismiss it just yet.
But it may have confirmed my belief that the best results come from the hardest work and clearly attaching some bands to your arms wont ever beat out a good ol’ pair of dumbells.
Having said that though, I still think this is a cool product that can be efficient if used the recommended 5 times a week for 20-30 minutes a session.
Again, I used it once and my arms felt pretty beat up after only 20 minutes, so its no gimmick.
For full details on the product, visit their website or read some of the reviews. All that can be found at In the meantime, check out my pros and cons on the Slendertone Arm Toner


Works well – 20 minutes left my arms feeling jacked and tired, so it works as advertised!
Convenient – 20 minutes a day for just a few times a week to get a pretty good pump
Easy to use – just attach the included arm bands, and voila! Remote controlled programs and intensity levels allow for smooth and easy operation


Pricey – on their website, the Slendertone Arm toner sells for 99£ which is about 135$usd. I find that a little high for some bands and a remote control. Then again, price is relative to who you ask.

Soreness factor: Like I said earlier, I was a little disappointed to not be sore the day or even 2 days after.

In conclusion…

 I think the product works pretty well and can definitely be used in conjuction with your training program. Its practical, convenient, and gives you a pretty good arm pump. Would I rely on it to make substantial arm gains? Probably not. But it definitely comes in handy when your running low on time and gotta make your arms look good in that new t-shirt you just bought.