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Whats up everyone?! iGymPal is proud to announce the latest addition to our fitness app. Up until now, we were able to provide you with custom, year long programming to fit all your fitness needs. Well, seeing how training is only half the battle to reaching your goals, we have now included a customized meal plan feature to help you even more!
By downloading our app now and using our 7 day free trial, you will be able to access The Zone© meal plan feature for no extra cost!
For those of you unfamiliar with The Zone©, it is as Dr. Barry Sears says, “the metabolic state in which the body works at peak efficiency.”
By using a few simple measures to determine your current body fat and activity levels, you can figure out how much protein, fat and carbs to consume on a daily level to achieve that desired optimal state. Your total needs are comprised of blocks. So, if for example, you are required to eat 15 blocks of protein, fat and carbs, you can split them up over 5 meals and have 5 blocks per meal.
You can download the list of foods and their corresponding block values from their website at There, you will also find other useful information as well as amazing stories from those who have transformed their lives using The Zone© diet.

Easy as Pie!

I, myself have used The Zone© with excellent results and is the recommended meal plan for all my clients. After years of trying every single diet out there, I have found that The Zone© is the only one that offers so much variety and flexibility. It allows people to maintain a certain way of eating without getting bored or resorting back to thier old ways.
Here are a few examples of what some sample zone meal plans look like:
Breakfast: Smoothie
1cup blueberries
1tsp Natural peanut butter
1scoop(9g) protein powder
1cup low fat milk
½ cup ice
TOTALS: 2 blocks each (P, C, F)
1cup Greek yogurt
1.5tsp walnuts
1cup strawberries
1cup blueberries
TOTALS: 3 blocks each (P, C, F)
4oz. chicken breast
4cups chopped spinach
1cup cherry tomatoes
2cups cucumber
¼cup chickpeas
1tbsp avocado
1tsp oil and vinegar
TOTALS: 4 blocks each (P, C, F)
3oz. salmon
1cup asparagus
2cups boiled mushrooms
1/3tsp Extra virgin olive oil
TOTALS: 2 blocks each(P, C, F)
2oz. nonfat cheese
1cup grapes
4 cashews
TOTALS: 2 blocks each(P, C, F)
Easy right?! These are just a few of the many meal plans you can come up with for your own meals. Don’t wait any longer! Download our app today (if you haven’t already) and get one step closer to being in the best shape of your life!
Download the app by clicking on the link below.
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