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training myths

Are you falling for these seven Training myths?

We’ve all heard of training myths at the gym. Old school classics like, ‘No pain no gain’ and “Squat till you drop’, mixed with researched claims such as dragon-flags being the best ab exercise ever. Whatever form they come in, training myths are out there, don’t be a sucker and fall for them.

Here’s some pearlers that are still believed by thousands of new trainees, and even some experienced ones. Heard any of them recently?

DOMS comes from Lactic acid build up

Contrary to what we’ve been told, lactic acid actually clears the muscle and blood shortly after the exercise. DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is actually caused by the horrendous workout you did. The micro-tears in your muscles and fascia that came as a result of you taking it a bit too far.

A sports drink is beneficial to my workout

No, it isn’t, and it’s probably pretty damaging to your health and physique as well. Sugar based carb drinks have been used by athletes and trainees before and during workouts to ‘keep up electrolyte levels’. What a load of nonsense, all its doing is making you fat and slowing you down. Proper pre-workout nutrition consists of effective carbs and proteins ingested at specific times. It’s not as simple as slugging a sugar drink.

Overtraining is a myth

Said the man who couldn’t walk for a week after going to heavy in the squat rack. Know your limits, being out of action for too long delays your progress. ‘Leave the ego at the door’ – a cliché classic that holds truth.

Training will get me lean

Misdirection once again. The only thing that will get you lean is your diet. Energy in, energy out (man, the clichés are flowing) that’s the real deal. The quality and quantity of your diet in relation to your energy output determines your physique.

Supplements are the big difference

We agree that supplements can be that extra edge that assist you in achieving your goals. Your diet is your main factor that determines your progress, not any pill or potion. Use supplements to enhance your diet and target specific goals such as strength and power. a

Spot reduction fat loss

No matter how many crunches you do, it won’t make your belly fat burn off first. It’s impossible to target a specific body part for fat loss. Your body will always lose fat mass proportionately, there’s no way around it. Some people gain weight in areas faster than others, they may get glute-heavy or pot-bellied. When a fat loss diet is employed, you can expect the reverse to be true. If you pick up weight in the love handles first, it will probably be the first to start toning down as well.

Saunas take the pounds off

Saunas actually take the water off, not the fat. MMA fighters understand this and use it to ‘cut weight’ before a fight. The body can hold more than 7 litres of excess water it doesn’t immediately need. Saunas make you sweat it out, but don’t mistake it for fat loss.

Keeping it real

Before you ever even think of trying out any advice you hear, from anyone, make sure you do your due diligence and some investigation on your own time. Following someone else’s myths and claims can set you back in your progress, so watch out for the trip wires of bad advice on the gym floor.