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Can I train if I’m on or just about to start a detox or cleanse?


If you’ve ever been on a cleanse or detox, you know just how rough the first few days can be with low energy levels. As your body starts to eliminate the waste and toxins in your body, energy levels do go back to normal with most people claiming that energy levels while detoxing actually go way higher than pre-cleansing.


Nevertheless, here are some tips to help you while you re-balance your body:


To train or not to train

There are conflicting opinions on whether or not to continue weight training while detoxing. From the length and severity of the detox, to the intensity of the workouts, it seems everyone is divided on this one. Having done detoxes before, and being the avid gym rat, I can assure you, that training was not on the top of my list. For starters, your energy levels are lower than usual (even though they eventually got to a point where they were higher than pre-detox), which makes you unable to keep the same intensity.

Secondly, your body is lacking the nutrients such as protein and carbs to help fuel your muscles and body. The stresses of the detox are already enough to deal with, so exercising without proper pre and post workout nutrition, while under the rigors of a detox can spell disaster for your mental health and physical health as well.


Continue doing cardio

Weight training may not be the smartest idea, but continuing to do cardio can significantly help the cleansing process. By performing aerobic exercise such as jogging, or walking or cycling, your body is eliminating toxins through your skin and isn’t putting the same physiological stresses on your body as weight training would do.


Focus on your abs

While detoxing, performing ab exercises and working your core will help your digestive system, once again aiding the purpose of the detox.


Eat accordingly

Try to eat fiber-rich foods that will keep you full, yet aren’t starchy or refined. Quinoa is a good option as it does this and is high in protein as well. Dark leafy greens are also a good way to get iron and make sure your energy levels don’t drop. If you strength train often, try adding some pea protein to your juices in order to ensure that your muscles are still being fed protein and that you aren’t risking protein breakdown.